07/26/05 - Tuesday
Weather information for the competitors of 19th Gemenc Cup

Today's weather will be affected by the changing of more meteorogical element too. The weakening cold front of the cyclone above Scandinavian peninsula will hit the carpathian region too. Because of this the general lability of the atmosphere will increase and rain and shower will evolve sporadically mainly in the north-western part of the region. Altough the chance of precipitation is not too high, it can not be precluded completely. So there is a chance of rain and shower during the afternoon at the area of Ocseny.

These meteorological conditions will affect today's flying conditions disadvantageously. The eastern direction seems to be the best at the moment, so planning of tasks can be suggested to that direction.

Thermals will start at reaching of 26 degrees Celsius, and this can be expected about 12:00.

The amount of cumulus clouds will be 2-3/8 usually and the cloud base will ascend from 1400 m. At some places there will be chance of precipitation during the second part of afternoon.

Summary: a shorter task could be achievable by the competitors today.

Made by Kálmán Szabó

07/26/05 - 14:30
Afternoon weather information for the competitors of 19th Gemenc Cup

According to the most up-to-date (14:00) satellite and radar data A legfrissebb (14:00) műhöld- és radaradatok alapján egyelőre továbbra is a Nagykanizsa-Miskolc vonaltól északra van nagy esélye a helyi záporok, zivatarok kialakulásának.

A Délkelet-Dunántúl, így Őcsény térsége is a kedvezőbb területek közé tartozik, ahol a csapadék esélye (egy-két helyen) csak 30% körül van.

Ezért a következő órák kedvezően alakulnak egy (újabb) sikeres versenyszám lebonyolításához.

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