2007.08.08 - Foretaste of the competition's pictures

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As we know, there are not more beautiful memories we can keep about our nice experiences than some photographs, so we sent Maci to the front line (actually we didn't have to send him, he sent himself there) to take some shots, that we can give to the participants at the end of the competition as a gift.

Because the material is collecting nicely, we thought that for a foretaste we put some of the pictures taken so far to our website. This way the impatients (e.g. Ági Ábrok) can wait for the end of the competition easier, and the people who didn't come to our competition can see these pictures also. :-)

We hope that everybody find at least on good picture in the collection!

05/20/2007 - Roland takes his students to fly

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Mister teacher Roland decided to take his students to fly. He presumably wanted to eliminate tha bad behavior of his students at his classes, and thought that with such a gesture he will be their favorite and deserves some respect.

Seeing the happy faces of his students, it's for sure that Roland became their personal hero. We bet the general discipline will be the highest at his classes in his school.

05/01/2007 - May day at the airfield

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It is not rare that on the 1st of May folks are gathering to celebrate on our nice little airfield. Today wasn't different in this regard. On days like this, we usually take people to fly.

The amount of crowd was average today. There was a little celebration and party with some food at our hangars. And we were waiting for the bravest ones for a pleasure flight at the starting site.

04/28/2007 - Balázs and Peti plough the sky

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Balazs and Peti decided to plough the sky a little bit and Peti will take some pictures from the back seat.

Because they are pretty good in determination, they managed to ascend to high above, despite tha fact that the clouds weren't especially promising. Anyway they found a 4 m/s lift, which was photographed by them.

04/21/2007 - Rather minimalistic flying day

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Considering that people had to work on next Monday before the 1st of May holiday, too much crowd wasn't expected on today's briefing. There wasn't too much crowd. We were four. :-)

Since nobody remembered that this Saturday will be a working day during making the duty list, we organized a flying day for this date as well. As it turned out later: maybe we shouldn't.

However the staff providing duty (Bagoly and Maci) decided to organize the morning briefing. Maybe there will be enough people in order to organize a flying day.

Well, that much people has come exactly. There were only four persons on the briefing, which is exactly the required amount of humans in order to be able to fly even two people at once. :-)

Unfortunately the weather wasn't too bombastic. The sky was blue all the day, and the daily record was set by Maci flying 1050 meters altitude and 40 minutes on a local flight.

04/07/2007 - Season Start

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Finally it has happened that we were waiting for, and our first glider of this year has taken off! With this our official 2007 flying year has started. (Our engined aircrafts were flying all the year, so it is not season start for them of course.)

The weather presented its usual variable face, sometimes with full coverage of clouds (8 octa), sometimes with sun shining through the cloucds (4 octa). There was no thermal flight (due to the lack of thermals) today, but attendant managed to pass their compulsory season starting control flights. So now we are waiting for those weekends (and weekdays) full of strong thermals!

04/07/2007 - Examination

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Today was the day of our annual season starting, refresher theoretical examination. The exam was arranged in the ground floor of tower building as usual. Our theoretical courses are usually held in this conference room also.

04/07/2007 - Bungalow Building

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The construction of the eleven new full comfort bungalows (each containing two rooms for six persons in total) progressing nicely. The new camping will replace the little forest, and will provide high quality accomodation for attendants of future competitions.

Every bungalow will contain two rooms, one hall, one WC and one shower room.

Bungalows will be constructed between the fishing lake and fire extinguishing lake. There will be a central guardian house near these 11 bungalows, from where the continuous supervision of bungalows can be ensured.