What does RSS mean?
What is the formats of downloadable files?
How to open the downloaded files?

What does RSS mean?

The RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a standard for syndicating frequently updated content from a site via a newsreader. To use the feeds published on our site, drag the link called “RSS Feed” from the left hand side menu of the news category you want to "subscribe" to into the Subscriptions pane of the newsreader application window. Below are two readers that work well:

FeedDemon (for Windows platform)
NetNewsWire (for Mac OS X platform)

What is the formats of downloadable files?

We publish the downloadable files in the following formats:

alternatetext PDF format
In order to display the downloaded documents consistently on any computing platform, we make them available in PDF (Portable Document Format).

alternatetext ZIP compression
The non-text kind of documents (data files, executable programs, etc.) are published in ZIP-compressed archives on our website.

How to open the downloaded files?

On Windows operating system:
alternatetextPDF: Adobe Acrobat Reader (free)
alternatetextZIP: 7-Zip (free)

On Mac OS X operating system:
alternatetextPDF: operating system can handle
alternatetextZIP: operating system can handle