Publication of Public Benefit Report for year 2005
We have published the Public Benefit Report of Ocseny Flying Club for year 2005

Download link: Public Benefit Report for year 2005 (Hungarian version) (Ocseny_RK_KHJ_2005.pdf - 120KB)
An article for popularizing the OLC
An interesting story of how the OLC can inject new life into soaring.

The article was originally published in the February 2005 issue of Soaring Magazine.
It is reprinted with permission of Soaring Society of America and the Soaring Magazine.

Download link: Street Racing (Street_Racing_EN.pdf - 400KB)
Home page of Ocseny Flying Club has started
Today we have started the official home page of our flying club, and from now it contains the most important informations about our club, services and events.

We wish you happy browsing on our pages!