Our aeroclub provides services from spring to autumn with the following fees:

Service Fee Remarks
Engined joyflight 5 EUR/minute On every days for 3 persons at once: www.joyflight.hu
Glider joyflight* 11 EUR/take-off** On every second weekend for 1 person at once***
Aerotow 5 EUR/minute Variable pitch propeller, 180 HP, Cessna 172 tow plane
Flight director 5 EUR/day/pilot Compulsory for glider pilots flying with their own glider
Glider tie-down Free Only for gliders tied down next to clubhangar
Casual hangar storage 5 EUR/day/aircraft Preliminary coordination needed
Prolonged hangar storage To be negotiated Depending on available space
Glider pilot training For glider, through badge B, by winch
Glider pilot training Under construction For gliders, through badge B, by aerotow
Accommodation (bungalow) 10 EUR/person/night 2 two-storey bungalows with 10 beds, 4 rooms, and a shared shower
Accommodation (camping) 5 EUR/person/night Electricity end points and shared bathroom provided
Event room 65 EUR/day Izobar for rent
Shared kitchen 4 EUR/day/person/ Gas stove, sink, microwave, fridge, washing machine
Wi-Fi access Free For guests of the aeroclub
Group flight To be negotiated Company events, team buildings, class trips etc.
Aerial photography To be negotiated

* For this ground crew with enough persons needed because of the winch launching method.
** For flights longer than 10 minutes, 0.7 EUR/minute extra cost will be applied after 10 minutes.
*** In 2015 glider flight days are organized on odd weekends.

Prices include VAT.

Updated: 28th August 2015